Public & Education
We provide the optimal solution to manage public facilities
through provision of high-definition video images,
wide angle of view and to prevent juvenile crimes that may happen at school.
School zone monitoring
- Monitoring of suspicious persons around elementary schools, and its connection with the police station
- Provides countermeasures against illegal intruder into a school
- Provision of the optimal solution to prevent juvenile crimes in school through wide-angle surveillance and high quality video
Real-time monitoring of cultural assets and advertisement of tourism through Internet
- Real-time and high-definition monitoring of major national cultural assets
- Prevention of damage to cultural assets by suspicious persons, and provides reliable evidence
Provision of a perfect urban crime prevention solution
- Monitoring of a particular region using the high-definition video, and monitoring of vehicle movement by number plate recognition
- Interlocking with an emergency bell system
- Integration of a wide area crime prevention system using the CMS
Monitoring of a downtown park
- Monitoring of illegal activities in a park