Fire Detection
Severe damage from the fire,
it is not just someone else’s business
CCTV monitoring, fire and heat detection at the same time !
- The world’s first built-in fire detection camera (supports video monitoring and fire prevention at the same time)
- Customized fire/heat detection sensor and special glass are applied, Fire prevention through video analysis
- The best optimized setting by user following environmental condition
- The real-time alarm notification to integrated control system room and smartphone
- Supports smart record and search of fire event
- Fire or heat detection alarming feature
Minimizing damages of person and property
- Extinguishing fire at its early stage by early detection of fire
- Efficient management on main facilities such as cultural heritage and plants
Installation and management cost saving
- Over all construction cost down as it doesn’t need to install CCTV and fire detector separately
- Existing video cable for old analog system can be reusable
- 24 hours fire monitoring is possible through alarm notification to mobile phone (no need concierge)
Integration with specialized equipment
- Not only security but also protection of property by building interlocking system with specialized camera
- Can be applicable to new building construction market through integrations with various type of home network devices
- The best optimized monitoring system can be made by integration of Matrix (VMC6401) ultra-high quality monitoring with minimum budge