Service guide

  • Misc. 
    Serial communication(RS-232/485 communication)

    The RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 are kinds of circuit interfaces.

    There are RS422 and RS485 to combine RS232 with many ones in the serial communication.(232 communication distance 25m / 485 communication distance 2km)

  • Misc. 

    We can see a case that when entering a domain into the address window, a completely different domain, not the entered domain, appears and moves to the relevant site. Clicking the relevant domain automatically goes to the designated site, so this case is called forwarding. A portforwarding is a function to transmit a packet by changing its port to a private IP when a picket comes into a particular port in the vacant IP side.

  • Misc. 
    DNS address of ISP

    KT Corporation : / or
    Hanafos : /
    Hanaro : /
    Thrunet : /
    Shinbiro : /
    Dacom : /

  • Misc. 

    A router interconnects network tiers as a device to connect a separated network using the same transmission protocol. The router determines a node within another network or its own network according to the path assignment table by being added to a function of the bridge.
    And this selects the most efficient path among many paths and sends a packet. The router performs flow control, composes many subnetworks in an Internet network, and executes various network control functions. Taking a simple look at the difference between a bridge and a router, a router not only takes charge of a function up to a network tier but also sets a path, whereas a bridge selects and determines a simple path depending on destination addresses only with a function up to the data link tier.

  • Misc. 

    A gateway is a network point playing a role of an entrance to another network. In terms of routing, Internet can be said to be a network composed of many gateway nodes and host nodes, so the computers of network users and the computers providing contents such as a web page are just the host nodes, and the computers controlling traffic within the network of general companies or the computers of Internet service provides are just the gateway nodes. There is often a case that in the network of a company the computers playing a role of gateway nodes execute the role of a flexible server or firewall server together. A gateway requires the use of a router, switch, etc.

  • Misc. 

    When using a sharer, basically all the network connection coming from the outside of the sharer is intercepted for itself for security and not transmitted to the equipment(DVR or IP camera) connected to the bottom of a sharer. A DMZ means a function to provide all the services provided by the equipment to the outside without restriction although the equipment becomes defenseless(DMZ) against the external network connection by directly connecting a piece of equipment connected to the bottom of a sharer to all the external connections exceptionally.
    When connecting a DVR or IP camera to a router(sharer), you should open the necessary ports one by one by using a 'port forwarding' function to access the relevant equipment through Internet, but registering the relevant equipment to the 'DMZ' of a sharer can automatically connect all the external access requests to the registered equipment, so it has an advantage of not needing a separate port forwarding setup.

  • Misc. 
    Comparison of 1080i and 1080p

    1080p - Progressive method of 1920x1080 definition
    1080i -  Interlace method of 1920x1080 definition
    WEBGATE's HD DVR supports a 1080p and 30fps HD-SDI camera only.
    For an exact image format, refer to the manual.

  • Misc. 
    Display resolution

    SD(Standard Definition) : The standard definition(SD) refers to 720x480(NTSC) and 720x576(PAL) definition. This is a screen size made according to the analog TV broadcasting standard.

    HD(High Definition) : The high definition(HD) is a general term referring to an image system having higher definition then the image of standard definition(SD). This often refers to screen definition of 1280x720 (720p), 1920x1080 (1080i, 1080p), etc. The 1920x1080 is especially called Full-HD.

  • Misc. 
    WRS(Webgate Registration Service)?

    When connecting a DVR and Network Camera to the Internet(network), if it is connected to a floating IP, not a fixed IP, then an arbitrary IP can be given or the IP can be automatically changed.
    In this case, the user cannot check the changed IP and thus cannot access the relevant unit through the network. In order to solve this, our company established a server to register an equipment IP independently, which is under service and whose relevant service name is WRS(Webgate Registration Service). The DVR registered in the WRS can be accessed through a CMS.

  • Misc. 
    The product is bad. Where is the A/S reception center?

    If the product is defective, then contact our dealer or maintenance agency, check whether there is a defect, and then send the defective product if any. If you cannot contact our agency, then contact our CS team.

    Call 82-1644-3421 or 82-31-428-9341 to contact our CS team.   

    AS forwarding address : CS team, Daemyung Enterprise WEBGATE, 6th floor, Hanrim Venture Town, 689-6 Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

  • Misc. 
    Contact address for product inquiry and purchase inquiry

    Call 82-1644-3421 to contact our near agency.

  • S/W Solution 
    Registration of a unit in the control center

    Basically, in case of an internal local network, an IP is automatically registered in a local area unit, so enter product information on the popup window by clicking the right side of the mouse to add a unit or draging the mouse to move to my unit folder. In order to register an external product registered in WRS, enter an IP in case of a fixed IP address and enter a registration server [] and a serial number(an ID in the group ID search colume when knowing the group ID) in case of a dynamic(floating) IP by clicking the right side of my unit icon mouse.

  • S/W Solution 
    How to access the control center during its execution

    Executing the Control center shows a log-in popup window, whose basic user name is Administrator and password is admin.

  • S/W Solution 
    Control center installation

    Installing the control center can basically install 3 sets such as Control center Monitor, Control center Configuration Tool and Control Center Playback.
    The Control center Monitor is used to see the image integration control, the Control center Configuration Tool is used to see the setting, and the , Control Center Playback is used to see the recorded images.

  • Network Camera & Network Video Sever 
    When not accessed from the outside

    1) Check the network setup IP, Subnetmask, Gateway and Port setup status. (When using a sharer, check the Port forwarding status)
    2) Access the http://www.webgateinc.com/webeyetable/view-webeye.php to check the WRS registration status. (Check the registration time to make sure that it is within 5 minutes as of now.)

  • Network Camera & Network Video Sever 
    No image appears on the web viewer

    If ActivX is not normally installed due to a problem in network environments or PCs when accessing the web viewer using an Internet Explorer browser of Microsoft, then install a WebviewerInstaller.exe manually from a Setup CD.

  • Network Camera & Network Video Sever 
    F/W upgrade method

    Internal(local) upgrade
     1) Execute a firmware program.
     2) Check the unit to upgrade, and then enter a PW.
     3) Click the Start Upgrade button.
     4) After completion of an upgrade, it will be automatically rebooted.

    External upgrade
     1) Execute a firmware program.
     2) Enter the IP of the camera into the Selected IP Address.
     3) Enter a Mac Address, Password and Port of the camera.
     4) Click the Start Upgrade button.
     5) After completion of an upgrade, it will be automatically rebooted.

  • Network Camera & Network Video Sever 
    Image link setting on the homepage

    1) Access the http://www.webgatienc.com homepage.
    2) Click the WebEye HTML Wizard at the left bottom of the screen.
    3) Access the WebEye HTML Wizard, select a menu suitably for the environment of WebEye to link an image, and then create a HTML source.
    4) Test the image and then insert the URL source into the homepage.

  • Network Camera & Network Video Sever 
    WNS (domain) setting

    1) Access the http://www.webgateinc.com/WNS/main.html.
    2) Log in (If you didn't subscribe as a member, then you should subscribe as a member)
    3) Click the WNS Registration in the top menu and then set a domain to use.(XXXX.mycam.to)
    4) Enter the S/N information(small letter) and Mac Address(small letter) and then set a model name as webeye(common).
    5) After completion of registration, access the XXXX.mycam.to.
        - If the port is not 80, then access the http://XXXX.mycam.to:port number.

  • Network Camera & Network Video Sever 
    WRS (external registration) setting

    F/W 1.x user
     Camera web viewer access -> Dynamic IP Registration -> Auto IP Registration Function (Disable->Enable) -> Registration Interval (none -> 1min)
                                   -> Network Configuration -> DHCP Client Protocol (Enable->Disable) -> Network Interface (Ethernet)

    F/W 2.x or higher user
     Camera web viewer access -> setting -> network menu -> IP registration server(WRS) -> registration period(not used->1 minute) -> server address (enter www.webgateinc.com or

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