Apartment Complex
Realizing the ultra-high quality of digital Full-HD
using previously installed video cable is
possible in old apartment along with customized features
for efficient management especially for apartment
Customized features for apartment
- Max internal HDD x 6ea supports for long record
- HD coaxial video output (EX-SDI output)
- Supports video matrix (Model name : VMC6401)
- Supports integration with Emergency bell / Home network
Using coaxial cable
- The cost of construction is slightly increased due to usage of coaxial cable rather than IP’s UTP cable
- New product with TDM feature supporting transfer 8 channel’s videos over single cable can reduce number of cable in use
- The cost of construction can be reduced with TDM feature, while the advantage of coaxial cable can be fully applicable
- The advantage of coaxial solution (compared to IP solution)
1) Securing reliability of each camera (IP solution could have overall loss of video due to problem of single switch)
2) Easy for maintenance (Overall management and maintenance methods are similar to that of conventional analog camera)
Universal feature
- Any type of cameras in the field can be compatible by replacing with DVR
- Various cameras can be selectable (Considering performance and price of the camera)
Integration with specialized equipment
- Supplying not only security but also protection over property through integration with specialized equipment
- The best optimized monitoring center can be built by integration with Matrix (VMC6401)
Integration with Home network and IP emergency bell
- The efficient integrated control system can be built by integration between WEBGATE DVR and 3rd party’s specialized equipment(Home network, emergency bell and so on)
- Already supports fully integration with a few brand’s specialized equipment
- nterlocking development with 3rd party’s specialized equipment solutions based on our own professional R&D personnel

Case Study

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