Game & Casino
The real-time monitoring of a store and the HDTV level recording of video
without delay provides a comfortable environment where customers can enjoy games feeling easy.
Prevention of cheating through differentiated high-definition and real-time recording
- Video recording of maximum 30 frames/second at 1920x1080 image size without delay time
- Monitoring of cheating by customers and dealers, and provision of optimal corroborative facts in case of an accident
- Minimization of factors for a friction with customers
Establishment of a large-scale system using HD-SDI matrix and CMS
- Decentralized video record processing by HD-SDI DVRs
- Provides integrated solution by HD-SDI matrix and/or provides network integration by CMS
Safe custody of recording data through high-capacity storage and mirroring function
- Provision of an external storage interface of maximum 64TB per a HD-SDI DVR
- Safe custody of data via mirroring recording method
- Provision of perfect measures against troubles in the storage media