Case Study

Racecourse Park's video replay system
2012.07.25 Views 7280

WEBGATE supplied video replay system to a Racecourse Park
Provides instant video replay system of horse race using HD class video and anti-motion blur function

Anti-Motion blur function minimizes the blurring of fast moving object
(Captured from actual recorded video data)

Installation Place
KRA (Korea Racing Authority) is holding horse races in Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Total 782 horse races are run over 94 days with about 980 racehorses annually at a racetrack. Recently, by increasing of the five-day workweek and leisure activities, interest in horse race is also increasing.

Because much prize money is offered at each horse race, securing of clear and full-frame video data is essential. In order to prevent discord about race ranking, racetrack wanted to prepare video replay system at each race corner, and they decided to use HDTV class cameras and recording equipment to manage the video data. But, camera should not make video blurring, should provide 30frames per second, and recorder should record it clearly and should support its playback. Especially, DVR should support step forward and step reverse to discriminate which horse passed the finish line first.

Webgate offered HD-SDI camera C1080M having HDTV class video quality and anti-motion blur function. Additionally, Webgate supplied megapixel lens, Fiber-Optic equipment for perfect video transmission, and 8ch HD-SDI DVR of HD800H. Racetrack replaced the existing video replay system to Webgate’s solution and expanded the system.
In order to discriminate the horse that passed the finish line first, system used Webgate DVR’s step forward/Reverse playback function, and in order to support user’s easy operating, Webgate customized CMS program to be interfaced with USB jog shuttle.