We protect your precious financial assets from various crimes through
more wider monitoring and HDTV class video recording.
Thorough recording of visitors through differentiated high-definition video
- About 3 times wider angle of view than the existing SD class camera (when used 1080P camera)
- Reliable recording of customer movement, and provision of high-definition image
Clear recording of customer face through applying a HD camera to the ATM
- About 6 times higher resolution than the existing SD class camera (when used 1080P camera)
- Provision of a perfect solution compared to the existing CCTV recorded image in which face recognition was unclear
- Provides the perfect solution against unclear face recording result of SD system
Safe custody of recording data through high-capacity storage and its mirroring function
- Custody of recorded data for more than 1 month
- Provides perfect measure against a trouble of storage media through dispersed storage, mirroring, backup, etc.
Reliable prevention of robbery, cheating and provides the corroborative facts
- Recording of maximum 30 frames per second at 1920×1080 resolution
- Prevention of a dispute with customers and employees
Integration of DVRs using a CMS
- Integrated control and real-time remote monitoring of dispersed DVRs at each branch
- Prior prevention of unjust data operation by using a Radius function