Case Study

Security system of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank
2012.07.30 Views 6126

Established an integrated security system for Hong Kong Shanghai Bank
- Provided the best solution to prevent financial accidents with reliable real time recording and playback function

Coping with an unexpected financial accident by providing the discontinuation-free real-time monitoring
and reliable recording and playback function

Installation place
Hong Kong Shanghai Bank was established in 1865, renamed from Hong Kong Shanghai Bank to HSBC Bank in 1998, and thereafter dedicated to spreading its business of personal financing, trade financing, investment financing and asset operation. Currently, HSBC Bank is based in London, United Kingdom, being one of the biggest financial groups in the world doing business at 8,000 branches in 87 nations throughout the world such as Europe, Asia Pacific, America, Middle East, Africa, etc.

HSBC wanted to prepare a countermeasure for an unexpected financial accident with real-time monitoring, recording and playback function based on the product reliability They required a solution to keep the recorded data safely for a long time and restore the stored video information safely even in case of trouble in the storage device inside the DVR due to an unexpected accident in particular.

WEBGATE provided efficient and easy control method at the central control center by supplying 70 sets of 16ch DVR and integrating them using a network. The system was designed to easily restore the various physical troubles and the lost video data to provide them as a corroborative facts in case of any financial accident.