Service guide

Customer Service
[Overseas Sales Team] Tel. +82-31-428-9334(9383)
Weekday am9:00 ~ pm6:00 ( Lunch pm12:30 ~ pm13:30 )
E-mail. sales@webgateinc.com

Strictly observe all warning and caution statements in user manual before proceeding. If damage is suspected, “self check” it through user manual or FAQ page in website before calling Customer Service. Note that there may be a cost even though it’s under warranty if the faulty is caused by customer’s carelessness or force majeure.

For repairing service, provide us the information of customer / model (model name, serial number) / details of problem.

Customer notice

  1. 01Contact product supplier in your region before contact Webgate customer service center.
  2. 02Read the user manual and caution thoroughly before using products.
  3. 03It may cost for repairing if the faulty is caused by customer’s carelessness of force majeure even though it’s still under warranty.
  4. 04Customer has to prepay for shipping and handling.
  5. 05Send completed application form together with product for smooth progress.
  6. 06Please be noted that product might be initialized during the repair process.

Delivery information

  1. A6F Hanlim Venture Town B/D, 284 Gongdanro Gunpo, Gyeonggido, 15809, Korea
  2. T[Overseas Sales Team] Tel. +82-31-428-9334(9383)
  3. EE-mail. sales@webgateinc.com