Case Study

Casino security system
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Provided large-capacity storage solution and perfect countermeasure for hard disk troubles
- Support the security system by 16ch H.264 DVRs and external storage of large-capacity

Securing of the safe protection of recorded data by supplying external storage supporting the mirroring function

Installation place
When it comes to a gambling city, Las Vegas comes first to the people’s head. Las Vegas has ever suffered a crisis as a gambling city with the appearance of Atlantic City in the east, but started to re-grow as a synthetic rest area where all family members can enjoy together due to its performance culture such as shows, etc., and its connection with surrounding tourist attractions such as Grand Canyon, etc. away from a single item. However, the things still representing Las Vegas are ‘gambling’ and ‘casino’.

They requires thorough security due to the nature of casino, requires the clear live image quality, efficient video compression and its playback, long-term recording and maintenance of the recorded data, and perfect countermeasure for hard disk troubles as well as the reliability of a DVR itself.
They required a technology to monitor the D1 class video images, the highest resolution at the analog CCTV system, by 30 frames per second without loss of frame, record these images perfectly, supply a large-capacity storage device for extending the recording period, and safe protect the recorded data, in order to prevent the illegal games in a casino.

WEBGATE supplied 200 sets of external storage equipment whose hard disk capacity can be extended up to 32GB by connecting with D1 class, full-frame recording performance 16ch DVR by gigabit ethernet.
Supplied security system is not only providing clear monitoring video image but also storage solution is prepared to have the mirroring function for the safe protection of recorded data.