Case Study

Monitoring system of Turkey post office
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Integrated monitoring of all PTT branches

of the entire Turkey using DVR

- Establishment of an integrated monitoring system using 8ch H.264 DVR and network
- Monitoring of 2,000 DVRs installed at the post offices throughout the Turkey from the central control system







Installation Place


- PTT, the post office in Turkey, is a large organization spreading business of telephone, banking and logistics as well as postal service. This is a huge organization possessing 4,000 or more business places including more than 1,000 centers, branches and agencies throughout the Turkey. 





- The system should provide reliable surveillance solution to each PTT branch by robust DVR recording and playback function, and the central control center should be able to monitor the each business place spread throughout the Turkey using low bandwidth network line. 





- WEBGATE supplied 2,000 sets of 8ch DVR to take charge of local monitoring, recording and playback.

- All DVRs were connected to central control center by ADSL line of low bandwidth, and a network monitoring program installed in a PC can monitor the video from all cameras, playback of recorded, and manage the all 2,000 DVRs.