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Local crime prevention system
2012.06.26 Views 5283

Establishment of a local crime prevention system with WEBGATE’s HD-SDI HD400H DVR in the Gyeongsang-do area

- Provision of a one level higher solution for local crime prevention with a high-definition and low-light-level function


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The autonomous districts in the Gyeongsang-do area wanted to improve its underdeveloped local crime prevention service in a total of 90 regions including Busan and to strengthen its local crime prevention system considering the video quality, convenience in integration/operation with the existing systems, etc. by selecting 90 points of child education facilities and concerned crime regions.

The images photographed with a local crime prevention system using an existing analog camera in the Gyeongsang-do area showed a high misconception rate in car number recognition, criminal face recognition, etc., resulting in a difficulty in smooth unmanned control. So Sarada, a general agency in the Gyeongsang-do area, proposed WEBGATE’s C1080B and HD400H furnished with a car number recognition function and seen clearly due to their excellent low light level event in the evening, a concerned crime generation time. In addition, it realized a fast and exact remote-monitoring system using a multi-streaming function, and proposed WEBGATE’s CMS solution enabling integrated monitoring as well as the existing analog products.

Through this, Gyeongsang-do could establish a system that can solve the criminal face and car number plate recognition problem, etc. which the existing local crime prevention could hardly solve and that can remotely, fast and easily monitor as well as integrally monitor even the existing analog systems.

“The control of school zones and local crime prevention can be more easily monitored with a high-level and high-quality surveillance monitoring system by using an existing digital and coaxial system instead of the existing analog system, so they are much satisfied.”

-The Gyeonggi-do provincial office persons concerned
In addition, an automatic control system of illegal parking automatically detects vehicle entry/exit, movement, duration time, etc. without operator’s operation, automatically recognizes car number plates, and transmits all the control data on violating cars to the center, whose system automatically receives, processes, stores and controls the control information as a series of processes.

The Gyeongsang-do maximized control efficiency with minimum manpower by establishing a new-scale control system based on WEBGATE’s box camera.

WEBGATE’s C1080B camera and HD400H were favorably evaluated in that they are excellently compatible with the existing used equipment, can record an image clearly, and are smoothly integrated with the existing system.