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Flame Detection Camera NK1080D-F1

  • Full-HD flame detection camera adopting flame wave detection technology
  • Sensing wide angle up to 100˚and long distance up to 30 meters
  • Dual detection system by connecting with smoke detectors
  • 2.1M SONY STARVIS sensor
  • 3 Multi-Stream supported including 1920x1080 30fps
  • Onvif / PoE supported
  • H.264, MJPEG
  • IR Distance 30m

CCTV integrated Fire Detection Solution
Real Footage of Fire Detection

WEBGATE’s fire detection solution
Webgate’s fire detection solution is equipped with a hardware flame/heat detection sensor in a video surveillance camera to enable accurate and fast fire detection, quick notification, and real-time monitoring.

Flame detection sensor Quick detection time Real-time push alerts
Accuracy Over 99% accuracy, minimize false alarm
Speed Fast detection time within 1 second
Intuition Check the extent of fire with sensitivity gauge
Efficiency Sensing with real-time visuals
Stability Applying high-performance Korean SoC

CCTV integrated Fire Detection Solution
System Configuration

CCTV integrated Fire Detection Solution
Comparison by Detection Method

CCTV integrated Fire Detection Solution
Major features of Flame Detection Camera

Flame detection with dedicated sensor
- High accuracy by detecting the flame’s unique wavelength
- Low false rate compare to video analysis method which analyzes color and shape
- Optimum algorithm from 5 years experience in field

Flame detecting gauge
- Detecting gauge displays flame status visibly
- Real-time check for malfunctioning of product

Detection time
- Min. 1sec for flame detection, sensitivity is adjustable (~10sec)
- Video analysis type requires min. 10sec for analysis

CCTV integrated Fire Detection Solution
Major Features of solution

Fire Detection Alarm
- Fire detection alarm is displayed on monitoring image real-time
- Rapid reaction toward fire with various warning alarms from PC, Mobile app and linked devices such as light and audio

Real-time Video Monitoring and Recording / Playback
- Real-time video verification in the control room or client site (PC or mobile app)
- Verification on the fire scene through recorded video playback (from recorder)

Real-time Fire Alarm Server (WinRDS)
- Real-time fire alarm notification along with video to a large number of users (Android, iOS)
- Personal information protection : To send alarm notification only when the fire detected
- Video access rights per specific person or group to strengthen privacy protection

CCTV integrated Fire Detection Solution
Real-time fire detection and push alarm

CCTV integrated Fire Detection Solution

Type Photo Model Specification
Flame Detection Camera NK2100BL-AF-F2 ◼ Outdoor/Indoor
◼ 1/2.8" 2M AI Network flame detection camera
◼ Auto focus 2.7~12mm / IR 45m / Sensor 2pcs
NK2100ED-F1 ◼ Indoor
◼ 1/2.8" 2M AI Network flame detection camera
◼ Fixed 3.6mm / IR 30m
NK2100EX-F2 ◼ Explosion proof
◼ 1/2.8" 2M AI EX Proof Flame Detection Camera
◼ Fixed 3.6mm / Sensor 2pcs
Heat Detection Camera NK1080BL-T450 ◼ 1/2.8" 2M Network Thermal Detection Camera
◼ Fixed 3.6mm / IR 40m / Max. 450℃
Recorder NVR / DVR ◼ Pop up and push alarm in case of fire detection event
◼ Selectable playback of flame detection event