Key technologies

Possessed Technology
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New product development technology

We have been continuously making products leading the market such as a ‘camera integrated DVR for the first time in the world’, ‘hybrid DVR for the first time in the world’, ‘108 channels mass scaled DVR’, ‘The world's first IP camera supporting 3GPP’, ‘CMS(an abbreviation of Central Monitoring Software which is a piece of control monitoring software to integrate and control a DVR/ IP product group) binding 50 PCs’, ‘32 channel stand-alone DVR' and 'The world's first HD-SDI camera and HD-SDI camera and HD-DVR certified by HDcctv alliance', etc.

Image compressing codec technology

We have developed various image compression standards such as Wavelet, MPEG-4, H.264, etc. as various platforms such as FPGA, DSP, VectorProcessor, ASIC, etc. starting with the direct design and development of a highly reliable JPEG compression/transmission device for unmanned surveillance vehicles when our company was established.

Image processing related core technology

We are making the best-performance product based on our technical ability to directly develop all the image processing processes from image input to image conversion and output as well as the image compressing codec technology.

Independent ASIC technology

We directly develop image related chips and other control device chips such as Wavelet, MPEG4, image display, MUX, image conversion, etc. as ASIC or FPGA, because we secure our independent chip design manpower and development ability.

Network technology

Our company has developed and grown an independently integrated protocol to operate all products over the same network platform by focusing on the research of a network protocol and a SW structure since established. WESP(WESP: Webgate Embedded Standard Protocol), our independently integrated protocol, applies to all our DVR product groups and IP product groups.

Various embedded application development technology

Our company independently develops various applications operated on Linux, an embedded OS, and develops a DVR having the best performance by independently developing a file system suitable for a high-performance DVR.

PC application development technology

Our company develops and provides a strong SDK(Software Development Kit) to apply its products to various software platforms easily and diversely when configuring a large physical security SI project.

Various mobile application development technology

Our company independently develops and provides various mobile application S/W including the support of HD resolutions on various mobile terminals such as an iPhone, Android viewer, etc.

Verified quality control

Having secured its recognizable quality competitiveness and technical competitiveness from the global market through the execution of ODM with global enterprises in the image security market such as SONY, Mitsubishi, PENTAX, PHILIPS, current Samsung Techwin, BOSCH, Honeywell, etc. since established, our company has been making an effort for more development and production quality enhancement by introducing a new development process since 2011.