Case Study

Supplying Vehicle License Plate Reading Solution to a Tunnel Tollgate
2013.10.01 Views 5519

Supplying Vehicle License Plate Reading Solution to a Tunnel Tollgate

Provided license plate reading of high-speed vehicles, and 1year storage solution


Installation Place

“Munhak Tunnel” is a one of the three pay tunnels in Incheon, Korea, connecting Yeonsu-gu Cheonghak-dong with Nam-gu Hagik-dong.


“Munhak Engineering”, in charge of maintenance of the tunnel, wanted to record the vehicle license plate for those who passed the tollgate in high speed without paying and make them pay fines. They requested camera, illuminator and recorder solution, which can provide clear number plate image of high-speed vehicle even at night. Request was to be installed at 10 tollbooths and each recorder to keep the recorded video data over a year.


WEBGATE successfully passed the customer’s readability test with IR illuminator built-in auto focus camera(DIRC-1080BL), 8-channel HD DVR(HD800H) and external storage(NVS04R). The test was executed during night time for diverse cars running over 80Km/h. The objective was to record those vehicles’ front and back license plate in 15fps/7fps@1080p, and the most important point was to be able to read it during the playback.

WEBGATE’s solution successfully passed all the tests with old/new license plates in all conditions which were tested. This was possible because of WEBGATE camera’s “Anti-Motion Blur” function which removes the blurring of fast moving object, and HD DVR’s “Step-Forward, Step-Reverse” playback which helps easy searching of recorded target image. Total 10 cameras with recorders were successfully installed and in operation now.

Until now, low-resolution analog camera solutions have been widely used for vehicle’s license plate reading and recognition, but from now on, HD-CCTV solution is expected to take over the position rapidly because it can provide more clear and detailed information to customers.