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HD-CCTV Solution for Safety of Power Plant
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WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV Solution for Safety of Power Plant 

 - Provision of HD-CCTV solution to protect major facilities of KOWEPO







Installation Place


- The Korea Western Power Co., Ltd. (KOWEPO), a leading supplier of Korean power industry is taking up approximately 13% of the national generating capacity. It has 6 business places composed of power plants and construction centers in Taean, Pyeongtaek, Incheon, Gunsan. Because KOWEPO is one of the key industrial enterprise supplying energy in the western area of Korea, these facilities require strict surveillance for the security.





- Taean power plant and Pyeongtaek construction center judged that conventional analog CCTV system’s image legibility is too low to build a efficient video surveillance system, and it has much limitation to be used as corroborative facts. They wanted to adopt a Full-HD for the new surveillance system with easy method.





- Full-HD, that has 6 times larger resolution compared to conventional analog camera, can provide approximately 2.45 times better image legibility. 20x PTZ dome cameras which are mainly installed for fence surveillance provide wider surveillance angle with more clear video image which analog cameras couldn't support. And, HD-CCTV cameras installed for the operation monitoring and safety of major facilities, are contributing to the prevention of accident. 

- In case of construction sites, 60 inch’s large monitor displays DVR video output. Combine with camera's pan/tilt/zoom function, it is used to prevent theft of construction materials, or used to monitor the progress of construction. Like example above, WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV solution which is based on HD-SDI transmission technology, is protecting nation’s key facilities and their equipment safely.