Case Study

HD-CCTV Surveillance System
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CNPC Research Center adopted

WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV Surveillance System

 - Building of the optimal surveillance system by HD class video and wide monitoring angle







Installation Place


- CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) is an integrated international energy company based in China, and their research center is located in Science and Technology Research Complex in Beijing. The research laboratory includes Advanced technology research center which leads the final decision of development strategy, Technical service center and training center for Scientific and technical personnel. CNPC has 3 additional affiliated research centers in Lanbang, Lanzhou and Hangzhou. 





- Research center of CNPC is the high-tech establishment that performs the scientific study. They have high-performance computer hardware and software, and they use a huge amount of data library for Petroleum exploration based on robust network system.

- Research center judged that this kind of important facility could not be sufficiently protected by conventional analog CCTV camera, and finally decided to adopt the most advanced video surveillance system which can provide the best monitoring and recording. 





- WEBGATE provided Box, PTZ type cameras and 4ch HD DVRs based on HD-SDI technology. 4ch DVR, HD400F can record 25FPS per channel without video frame loss or video delay and especially, because the installation was designed to use Fiber-Optic cable between camera and DVR, it provided clear video image without external noise and regardless of transmission distance as well as easy installation.