Case Study

Japan SAVEON convenience store
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Optimal solution to keep security of the convenience store

and prevent theft of goods

 - Prevention of thefts by providing HDTV class video quality, and provision of clear corroborative facts in case of an accident







Installation Place


- Japan SAVEON that was established in Mar 1984 is a leading chain company that possesses more than 2,000 employees and 570 or more stores throughout the Japan. SAVEON is a constantly growing enterprise by high quality and reasonable price based on the advanced distribution system of Japan where convenience store culture is well-developed.





- SAVEON thought that conventional analog CCTV system has much limitations. Because the recorded video resolution is very low, it is difficult to discriminate the video and used as an obvious corroborative fact during the monitoring internal employees and preventing theft by outsiders. In addition, the cost to establish a new system to replace the existing analog CCTV system was also an important source of trouble. 





- SAVEON decided to install 8ch HD-SDI DVR and 1080p camera at the SAVEON Chichibu stores in Saitama prefecture, Japan. Mr. Giwa Ryoma, site manager of Japan Fuji Techno in charge of installation, expressed the reason for selecting WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV products, “even transmitting the video in real time without compression by using an existing coaxial cable can provide perfect video and the best video quality, being superior to the megapixel IP cameras in stability and quality”, and said that he is satisfied with soft movement of screen without video delay as well as an excellent image quality as much as identifying even the letters on the displayed merchandise.

- He highly evaluated the product features of large-capacity external storage device using Gigabit-LAN interface, backup DVD writer, USB, eSATA port, and especially for the store owner can monitor his own convenience store through internet access anytime anywhere by using mobile viewer.