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Daemyung Resort Geoje’s HD-CCTV installation
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Daemyung Resort Geoje’s HD-CCTV installation 

 - Full-HD video surveillance system in a premier resort facility







Installation Place


- With 4 stories below and 28 above, the ground containing 516 guest rooms, Ocean Bay (Water Park), 8 convention rooms, restaurants, wedding hall and many subsidiary facilities, just had its grand opening in last June 13th. From family rooms to suite rooms, all rooms are designed to face towards ocean, insuring great view. By opening of Geoga bridge, its accessibility from Busan became more convenient, not to mention that Ocean Bay is the biggest water park in the southern part of Korea. Daemyung Resort Geoje is expected to be the landmark in Geoje region.





- WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV solutions which are based on HD-SDI transmission technology already have been acquiring favorable reputation through Seorak Delpino&Golf Resort and MVL Hotel Ilsan. It was told that Daemyung Resort Geoje had considered putting WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV system from the initial stage of resort design.

- Security officials of Daemyung Resort Geoje requested all the cameras to have full-frame video without frame drops. Also, they requested consistent 30 frame recording for essential areas like lobby, entrance of the parking lot. And facilities management staffs requested to be able to perform necessary video monitoring at their office rooms.





- Following the customer’s needs, WEBGATE provided 48 set of 8ch HD DVRs with more than 360 cameras consisting of box, dome and PTZ types and 52 set of monitors for the security solution.

-  To insure the best quality of all HD-CCTV’s videos, fiber-optic solutions were applied for video transmission, and by all results, WEBGATE could provide clear video images without any noise or video quality degradation. Also, all DVRs were connected to local network, so the management staffs can easily monitor necessary places.