Case Study

Rasafa Tower
2013.10.01 Views 7951

Installation case study - Rasafa Tower

HD-CCTV installation of international Hotel and Office Building in Bahrain

Ø  Installation Place and requests

A new partner, Romsecure located in Bahrain, the Middle-East Asia had successfully completed their first HD-CCTV project using WEBGATE products. The customer of Romsecure wanted to replace existing analog camera because of video quality issue. Customer requested to replace the CCTV system with megapixel IP camera, but Romsecure proposed HD-CCTV system to meet customers’ requests that can recycle already installed most of coaxial cables and because customers emphasized on the video quality of realtime monitoring and recorded.

Furthermore, if it designed based on IP products, it will need relatively high maintenance cost because immediate action for network or system trouble can not be executed by local site manager. This means that Romsecure should manage the site closely for a long term.

Ø  Results

One installation site is a 13-storey twin towers called as Rasafa Tower that is used as an international hotel, and the other one is 23-storey building called as Al Noor Co.W.L.L. Although they are not a large-scale site, 4 sets 16ch HD-CCTV DVR - HD1600M, and 32 sets dome and bullet type cameras were installed at the two sites in total, and RG6 coaxial cable was used to transmit HD video signal up to 240m.

After the transition to HD-CCTV system, Romsecure’s customers who have been accustomed to the low quality video from analog camera, greatly satisfied with HD-CCTV system which provides more clear realtime monitoring and playback video with wider angle of view.

WEBGATE appreciates Romsecure providing us valuable materials.