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Establishment of HD-CCTV surveillance system at Seorak Del Pino Golf & Resort
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Establishment of HD-CCTV surveillance system

at Seorak Del Pino Golf & Resort

 - Establishment of an integrated surveillance system using HD-SDI camera and DVR at Seorak Del Pino Resort

- Provided the best video surveillance solution through the high-definition video image of HDTV class and wide monitoring angle 







Installation Place


- Daemyung Resort has been constructing and operating the best class resorts all over the country including Sonofelice and Vivald Park as the best resort operating enterprise in Korea. Daemyung Resort had grand opening of Seorak Del Pino by extending of guest room buildings and additional construction of golf courses. 





- The resort requested the best solution in establishing the surveillance system suitable for the highest level resort in Korea. Because conventional SD class analog camera provided very unclear video image which can not identify even the face of visitors, the resoult requested a solution to provide more higher resolution and wide angle of view even using a single camera.

- All cameras in the resort should be integrated at a central control room, and the solution should provide the remote monitoring function to the security staffs through the network.  





- WEBGATE supplied 163 sets of HD-SDI cameras including Box, Dome, PTZ types and 24 sets of 8ch HD DVRs, HD800H. They used fiber-optic cables for the connection between cameras and DVRs by considering its easiness in installation and reliability of transmission data.

- In addition, each DVR was integrated into a network and providing for each security staff to monitor the video from the desired camera. Seamless monitoring and loss-free data recording of HD-SDI system acquired a favorable reputation from the security staffs of the resort.