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Redistribution server WinRDS

  • Streaming server to redistribute DVR’s stream to multi users
  • East system management through Configuration Tool
  • System status monitoring and control through WinRDS controller
  • Real-time status monitoring of devices, users, network, stream transmission and etc.
  • Max. 512 video stream input from DVR (800Mbps)
  • Max. 512 video stream distribution to users (800Mbps)
  • Authority management of DVR access and channel control based on user account

Key Feature/Demo Video

Video Re-Distribution Service
Due to limitations of cameras and DVR’s performances, frame will drop if too many people connect a DVR simultaneously,
but WinRDS can redistribute a received video up to 512 streams at the same time without such restrictions.

Easy System Management
Users can easily setup the system by using “Configuration Tool” and check/control systems through WinRDS controller.

Group User Management
Not only giving every individual with different access abilities, the admin can make groups of users to have same access abilities.
And the admin can grant a user to have different access abilities in different DVRs.

Real-time status monitoring
DVR/User/Network/Stream transmission status can be monitored by real-time.
Error/Warning situations are displayed by Icon, so operator can check it with ease.