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VMS Control Center

  • Central Monitoring Software supporting Max. 1024 units
  • Consist of Monitoring, Playback, Setup Program and other Utilities
  • Max. 144ch multi-screen monitoring
  • Max. 2 monitors and 288 channels per PC
  • Support 4K monitor and 4K resolution
  • Support HW decoding (Live view, Playback)
  • Support RTSP streaming
  • Grouping Viewset(customized multi-screen) and eMAP layer(GIS map)
  • Search by Calendar, Time Line, Event, Text, Smart, Thumbnail and Instant
  • Emergency bell popup, People count, License plate search and etc.
  • Status&Action panel graphically displays the status of connected units
  • Alarm Log panel shows the logs of event and alarm
  • Schedule backup performs auto backup for selected period
  • Direct connect DVR’s HDD to PC for Playback/Search/Backup/Copy
  • Authority setup for each user
  • Remote DVR(remote DVR control), Service channel feature

* System Requirements
Recommended system requirements for running Control Center.



Support FULL HD Video
This product supports normal image of SD CIF/HALF/D1 along with live monitoring and playback/backup for high quality picture of UHD 2160p(3840x2160),
QHD 1440p(2560x1440), HD 1080p(1920x1080), 720p(1280x720), nHD(640x360). Also it supports live monitoring on the camera supporting RTSP protocol.

 - Support 4K (UHD) and 4M (QHD) with 30fps in live real-time monitoring
 - Support up to 25ch at 1080p with 30fps each channel in live real-time monitoring
 - Support up to 64ch at nHD with 30fps each channel in live real-time monitoring 


Live Monitoring
Support various monitoring screen and high quality image display without delay for each channel.

 - 2 Monitors connection support
 - Supports various screen split for monitoring “1/4/6/7/8/9/10/13/16/25/36/49/64/81/100/121/144”
 - Full Screen Mode
 - Can add the image to the desired position by drag-and-drop operation with mouse
 - Function for management of group viewset
 - Layered map function
 - Auto Sequential switcher, Event Pop-up
 - Real-time audio output
 - Support Mic 


Support convenient function for search and playback.

 - Support 64 split screen playback simultaneously
 - Full Screen Mode
 - Search by Calendar/time line/text/smart/thumbnail/bookmark
 - Playback by time, date, channel
 - Playback by event image separately
 - Support various speed playback (Max. 64x)
 - Support watermark check
 - Support image adjustment by channel
 - Digital Zoom In/Out
 - Playback/Search/Backup by direct connect DVR’s HDD to PC 


Recording and Back-up
Support the function to store the image recording or real-time video monitoring, schedule and real-time backup unit’s recorded data.

 - Support Quick Recording and Image saving of monitoring’s video
 - Real-time backup of unit’s recorded image
 - Auto backup via schedule backup
 - Event log record/search/backup 


 - Support manufacturer’s all IP Camera, SD DVR, HD DVR, NVR, WinDVrS, WinRDS
 - Interfacable to Thermal detection camera, Flame detection camera.
 - Supports interface with TLS unit.
 - Support Remote DVR
 - RTSP streaming support
 - Max. 1024 units can be connected
 - Support user rights, user operating limitation and user log-in
 - Support saving of unit’s setting information
 - Import/Export setting information
 - Support Keyboard hotkey and joystick
 - Support Jog/Shuttle device for playback
 - MAX 144 channels Real-time monitoring
 - Max 288 channels simultaneous monitoring