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PoC DVR UHD1608F-P (Will be discontinued)

  • Universal 4M 48V PoC DVR
  • Max. 16CH(2M, 4M), 8CH(8M/4K UHD)
  • Support 48V PoC/CoC
  • Digital : HD-SDI, EX-SDI(1.0, 2.0, 2.1), TDM
  • IP(Ethernet) : Onvif, WESP
  • Embedded TDM RX, 4K UHD(HDMI) output
  • 6 Internal SATA HDDs
  • External storage capacity 128TB(eSATA), 256TB(NS04R/UHS04R)
  • Real Time Streaming(RTSP)
  • Service channel, Remote DVR
  • VMS(Control Center), Mobile App(WebEye), HTML5 WebViewer

4K UHD  More Vivid &Sharper with Ultra High Definition
4K UHD is perfect for large area coverage and identifyingobjects at great distances.
DVR supports 4M QHD (2x greater than Full-HD) and 4KUHD (4x greater than Full-HD) recording.


TDM Time Division Multiplexer
This is transmission method where the max 8 channels video inputs are time-division multiplexed then can be transmitted over single optic or coaxial cable.
Embedded TDM RX(EX-SDI) receives max 8ch video with single cable.


One Cable Solution Power supply and Control over One Coax Cable
 · PoC(Power over Coax) : Only one Coax Cable is required to supply power. Do not require any power line.
 · CoC(Control over Coax) : Only one Coax Cable is required to control camera. Do not require RS485 line.


48V PoC
Increase power transmission distance compared to 24V product, and reduce installation cost and construction cost efficiently.


Free VMS
Provide Central Monitoring Software (Control Center)for free, supporting Max. 1,024 DVRs with various and great functions.