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SECON2017 Security Exhibition Participation
2017.04.06 Views 24301


SECON2017 Exhibition Participation


WEBGATE division of Daemyung Corporation Ltd. participated in SECON(International Security Exhibition & Conference) 2017, held from March 15th to 17th in Kintex, Ilsan. SECON which has been held every year since 1999 is the solely integrated security exhibition in Asia that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy authorizes. SECON provides opportunities to look round domestic and foreign up-to-date IT security solution including video surveillance solution, access control solution, and so on. This year, total of 420 companies from 16 different countries took part in.




WEBGATE exhibited Universal 4K DVR which supports existing every video format such as SD camera, HD camera, and IP camera. It also supports 4K UHD resolution four times sharper than Full HD and TDM function which enables transmitting 8 channel-video signal through one cable at a time.


Also, two specialized smart cameras were showed forth, HD Smart Flame Detection Camera and HD Smart Heat Detection Camera.

HD Smart Flame Detection Camera detects and recognizes flame wave and actual fire by adopting 2 separate IR sensors and special glass. It immediately notifies user of fire alarm to help suppressing fire at its early stage. HD Smart Heat Detection Camera supports heat detection and Full-HD CCTV surveillance at the same time in contrast with other thermal-graphic camera which only shows thermo-graphical image on the monitor.


WEBGATE has a great appeal to major internal and external manufacturer and constructors, promoting its manufacturer's technical skills, differentiated high-quality and high-functionality, and various project experience by putting on demonstration of ultra-high definition of Universal 4K DVR and rapid push-alarm speed of Smart Flame/Heat Detection Cameras.


Universal 4K DVR which attracted the biggest attention in the exhibition will be officially released on or about September. Smart Flame/Heat detection Cameras keep on having the call in many sorts of site.