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Participated in Washington Government Procurement Fair
2013.05.20 Views 4972

Participated in Washington Government Procurement Fair

Largest IT related Government Procurement Fair in U.S.



WEBGATE division of Daemyung Enterprise (http://www.webgateinc.com) participated in FOSE 2103(Washington Government Procurement Fair) which was held in Washington, U.S. from May 14 to 16. FOSE is the largest IT related government procurement fair in U.S. and it had 38th Expo since 1976. Many manufacturers from all over the world exhibited security products and software, computer peripherals, communication equipment, etc.

After World Trade Center building terror in 2001, U.S. has been tightening Homeland Security every year. Especially, because of the terrible terror at Boston marathon in 2013, demands for video surveillance is increasing very rapidly.

WEBGATE introduced diverse HD-CCTV products like DVRs, cameras, converters to federal and state officials of security department, installation contractors performing government projects, consulting firm specializing in government procurement.

Because the awareness of HD-CCTV is relatively lower than other regions, most visitors showed great interest in WEBGATE products which provide high-quality video supporting non-compressed, lossless full-frame transmission without delay, reliable recording and playback. As the result of the exhibition participation, many projects are in consultation at present.