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Daemyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. enters into Mainland China Market on HD-CCTV
2011.12.01 Views 5796

- A subsidiary WEBGATE Div. of Daemyung Enterprise participates in China Public Security Expo (CPSE) as organizer in Shenzhen, China.
-   85,000 visitors from 120 countries and 4,000 companies participate in the world's largest security exhibition.
- Demonstrate of Total HD-CCTV Solution including DVR, Camera, storage, and accessories.
- Rush of getting proposal from Joint ventures with Beijing project and joint research.  

November 29th 2011, Seoul, Korea - Daemyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. (President Mr. Seo junehyuk) participated in the the 13th CPSE (China Public Security Expo) in Shenzhen, China, as the organizer of exhibition HDcctv Technical Forum.

This 13th CPSE Security Exhibition (Shenzhen, China) which has 4,000 exhibitors 85,000 visitors from 120 countries is one of largest security exhibition in the world.

During CPSE, WEBGATE-video security div. of Daemyung Enterprise   takes the first step in the china’s HD-CCTV security market with ‘HDcctv Alliance’ which is the world's largest industry association for HD-CCTV.

Daemyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. attracted great interest of visitors by giving demonstrations on the full lineup of the HD- CCTV Solution of DVR, camera, storage and accessories.  

Offers poured in from china side. For example, the China Company as forum's presenter proposes a joint venture for its entry into the china market. And another presenter, Rulin Wang , the Professor who is in the Chinese government Intelligent Building Technology Center in Beijing also requested for joint ventures or joint study.  

   China is regarded as a most rapidly growing HD security market based on a steep economic growth. Especially there is a surge in government demand of the new HD video and HD-CCTV security which is an emerging blue ocean.

Unlike existing IP products, HD-CCTV products is compatible with traditional analog CCTV infrastructure. In this way, it can reduce the cost and make convenient environment of installation. HD-CCTV’s rapid industry standardization is the one of the reason of this change.

Mr. Hong gen-sun, representative of WEBGATE Div. presented that Daemyung makes its effort to lead next-generation video surveillance equipment by hosting CPSE exhibition as well as HD-CCTV technology seminar in Malaysia.

On the other hand, Daemyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. got a "HDcctv Compliance Leadership Award" in the ASIA 57th security exhibition in Orlando, Florida United States in the last October and reinforced its brand power by participating as HD-CCTV Technical Forum as organizers of CPSE security exhibition.