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WNS 2.0 Service Upgrade and Grand New Opening
2013.08.29 Views 8923

WNS(WEBGATE Naming Service) has been providing DDNS service for IP camera, DVR products since 2004.

Through server maintenance work on Aug 21st and 22nd, the WNS is now open with brand new features.

 To use old WNS service, customers needed to create an account separately and do other things. Its processes were somewhat complicated.

On the other hand, new WNS 2.0 allowed account creation from product's setting menu or on a smartphone, making its registration process much simpler.

On WNS's mobile platform, WEBGATE has incorporated responsive web technology, making the interface easy and simple.

The changes are as follows

  • Supports a variety of browsers and incorporating responsive web technology
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Easy registration and managing domains, and user-friendly system

Old WNS users can keep their ID and password. Without additional work, registered domain names will show up on the list after login in.

To use WNS service, customers have to enable WRS(WEBGATE Registration Service) in advance at product's setting menu.

For any troubleshooting, please email cs@webgateinc.com, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


 1) When the WRS or WNS service is not working properly, please reboot your product to use it normally

2) http://mycam.to is the URL for WNS2.0

Thank you.