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About One Cable Solution - Camera Power supply & Control through coax cable

One Cable Solution provides camera power through coaxial cable, so installation of camera power supply is not necessary.

Also, DVR can transmit camera control data through same coaxial cable, so camera’s all OSD menu control is possible. For AF camera models, Zoom/Focus, One-push auto focus control can be additionally supported.

One Cable Solution provides easy installation at actual installation sites. And besides, because DVR or CMS can control camera, it support efficient management of video surveillance system at the same time.

Full support of PoC/CoC (One Cable Solution)

WEBGATE’S HD DVR, HD Camera have built-in PoC/CoC function for one cable solution, and they do not need additional equipment.

PoC/CoC products provide easier installation and operation environment than conventional analog system but because they can support high-performance Full-HD video surveillance system, they are attracting much attention of market.

PoC (Power over Coax)

The Ultimate performance PoC DVR series supply power to cameras through coaxial cables, so cameras don’t need additional installation for power supply. Besides, DVR provides auto-detection of PoC/Non-PoC camera, supports over-current alarm and its protection, status of PoC operation.By using WEBGATE’s recommended 5C-HFBT coaxial cable, PoC cameras can transmit HD-SDI video up to 200m. Moreover, PoC repeater RP101P can be used to extend the transmission distance. RP101P is a repeater which supports PoC function and because its power is supplied from DVR, it can be located anywhere without any restriction of installation.

      •  Power through coaxial cable from DVR to camera
      •  No additional power supply 

CoC (Control over Coax)

Not only PoC function but also camera control can be executed through coaxial cable. Cameras do not need additional RS-485 cable to control camera, so PoC camera’s OSD menu control, Zoom/Focus control and firmware upgrade can be executed by coaxial cable. In case of PTZ dome which requires somewhat higher power consumption, only CoC function can be utilized interfaced with RP101P.

      •   Camera control through coaxial cable from DVR to camera
      •   No additional RS485 control line
      •   Controls OSD menu, Zoom/Focus, camera firmware upgrade 

Connection of conventional camera and DVR

Connectionn of PoC camera and DVR

PoC repeater : No power necessary

     •   If you use PoC repeater, you can easily extend the HD-SDI video transmission distance without power supply installation.

In case of using conventional Repeater

In case of using PoC Repeater


Much easier HD-CCTV installation

      •   WEBGATE PoC/CoC solution does not need additional equipment, and it provides much easier HD-CCTV installation
          method than analog system.

WEBGATE PoC DVR directly supplies power to camera

Other companies PoC solution requires additional equipment for camera power supply

Consideration for large-scale system

If you use a Fiber-Optic Transmitter(OPT-TX4-RS485UP) which can supply power to PoC HD camera, you can design large-scale system easily.

Example of using Fiber-optic transmitter which can supply power to PoC HD camera

Consideration for power failure

If you connect UPS to DVR, all devices which are connected to DVR can be safe from power failure.

Example of connecting a UPS to a PoC HD DVR

HD-SDI video transmission using PoC solution

      •   With 5C-HFBT or RG-6 standard coaxial cable, HD-SDI video can be transmitted up to 200m.
      •   If you use two RP101P, the distance between PoC HD camera and PoC HD DVR is up to 600m.

Up to 2units of PoC repeater can be installed without power supply

  •  If you need more than 3 RP101P connection, you can solve the distance problem by supplying DC24V to a RP101P.

In case of long distance, DC24V can be supplied to a PoC repeater seperately

 When only using CoC function 

     •   If DVR cannot supply power to a camera like PTZ dome, you can use CoC function only as follows.   
                                          Example of using HD-SDI video transmission and camera control without PoC function


     •    DVR supplies power to camera without additional equipment. 
     •    DVR supports auto-detection of PoC, Non-PoC camera or repeater. 
     •    DVR detects over-current of all channels, and blocks power output of abnormal channel. 
     •    DVR shows PoC working condition and over-current alarm.