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Hotel & Leisure

We provide the best method to prevent negligent accidents of our customers
and employees, and protect the important equipment in a hotel or leisure facility.

Reliable management of entrance histories through differentiated high-definition recording 
  - Provision of image data to identify visitors by using the high resolution recording of HD
  - Easy searching of entrance histories using a date/time, thumbnail, smart search

Prevention of negligent accidents through the efficient monitoring of dangerous areas
  - 6 times improved video resolution than existing analog video system (when used 1080P camera)

  - 3 times wider angle of view than existing analog video system (when used 080P camera)
  - Monitoring of accidents in elevators, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, and invaders into a restricted area

Minimization of factors for a friction with customers
  - High-definition parking lot monitoring
  - Recognition of entering and leaving car number plates, and securing of car conditions during entering
     and leaving
  - High-density recording of lobby situations and counter customer reception

High-density Internet P.R. of the views around the hotel and resort, weather, etc.
  - Real-time high-definition video P.R. of hotels and resorts via the Internet homepage
  - Securing of video clips to provide to the tourism and P.R. site