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The Webgate fire safety solution that can beat AI analytics?
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The Webgate fire safety solution that can beat AI analytics?



Fire safety solutions are an integral part of modern infrastructure. But although existing solutions are effective to some extent, much of the technology remains archaic. Sensors and detectors primarily rely on the same methods used for decades. This means that the problems that have persisted over the years continue to plague this segment and little effort is made to resolve them.

Rapid advancements in the field of artificial intelligence have helped the development of video analytics-based fire detection solutions. These can provide visual verification of incidents and help authorities take faster, better action. But even they have several limitations in detecting the details and providing adequate information about an incident.

This is where Webgate, a company that offers an ultra-efficient integrated fire safety solution leveraging the power of the most advanced technologies, becomes relevant. Webgate's solution can detect the unique wavelength of a flame through a dedicated hardware sensor. Even in situations like explosions and instantaneous ignition that existing video analytics and detectors cannot identify, Webgate's solution provides quick and accurate results.

"The AI-analytics-based fire detection solutions can detect fire only when an actual fire is shown on an image," explained Sean Cho, Sales Manager at Webgate. "But Webgate's solution can accurately detect fire by recognizing the wavelength of flame even at night or when the screen is not visible due to heavy smoke."

Such a unique approach can go a long way in ensuring the implementation of a comprehensive fire detection and mitigation system. But what makes Webgate's solution even more remarkable is that it works seamlessly in various environments with precise sensitivity control and detection-time setting to minimize false alarms.



Efficient fire safety across verticals


General video analytic equipment cannot detect momentary fire, oil vapor explosions, or small flames, making them ineffective in many critical verticals where fire incidents are common. The strength of Webgate's fire detection solution lies in the quick detection of small flames.

"Webgate's flame detection camera is a device that can detect instantaneous fires within a second," Cho said. "It has received a great response from the market because of its ability to prevent major accidents by early detection of fires at various installation sites over the years."

Webgate's solution was recently installed at several major high-tech material companies in Korea, where the customers recognized its excellent and differentiated performance compared to existing fire detection equipment. Customers are using the footage of actual fire accidents in various ways, such as analyzing the cause of the fire, establishing future countermeasures, and improving in-house fire prevention training.

"Webgate's fire detection solution sends real-time push alerts to the control room and multiple users as soon as a flame is detected," Cho said. "Users can check the extent of fire with real-time visuals from remote sites to quickly identify and respond. Webgate's flame detection cameras work equally well in large or small areas. The system allows users to change the settings of the camera and flame detection sensor remotely, allowing its application in various places."

For industrial sites with a high risk of explosion, Webgate offers explosion-proof flame detection cameras. These are embedded with high-performance Korean AI deep learning engine that provides features such as intrusion, worker fall, and loitering detection to prevent and control risk factors for human casualties at industrial sites.



Factors driving demand


The biggest weakness of conventional detectors is the high number of malfunctions. In many cases, it is difficult to determine if the sensor is faulty or if an actual fire has occurred because conventional detectors do not provide an on-site image.

"These false alarms cause great inconvenience to site managers, and it is common for some sites to turn off the detectors which often leads to major damage as the initial fire suppression fails," Cho said. "Even AI-analytics-based fire detection solutions set off false alarm often in response to colors or images that resemble fire."

Webgate's fire detection solution is equipped with a hardware flame detection sensor in a video surveillance camera to enable accurate and fast fire detection, quick notification, and real-time monitoring. It can be easily integrated with other security devices since it sends fire event alarms through ONVIF standard protocol.

Also, the camera's external alarm makes it possible to build an integrated system by connecting with other existing fire equipment, such as smoke detectors and warning lights. This will not only ensure a holistic approach to fire detection but also make use of legacy systems.



Benefits for systems integrator partners


From a systems integration perspective, fire safety and video surveillance are often separate segments. Integrating them is not easy, requiring specialized skills and a large budget. The most significant advantage Webgate provides to systems integrators is the option to bring video surveillance expertise to fire safety.

"Webgate's fire detection solution is basically operated like video surveillance cameras," Cho said. "The fire detection event is handled just like other events supported by surveillance cameras. So integrators with experience in this field can easily understand and operate the system."

Another advantage is that the solution, from hardware to software, is developed and manufactured by Webgate. This significantly reduces the chances of additional costs and effort that may arise from compatibility verification and maintenance procedures when handling multiple brands.

"Webgate's solution is more economical even when compared to regular AI-enabled analytics solutions," Cho said. "These fire detection solutions rely on analyzing images through dedicated servers and analytic software, which drive the cost. Webgate does not require additional servers or software because it directly detects fire from the flame detection camera. It also simultaneously enables surveillance and fire monitoring, drastically reducing labor costs."

Adding to all this, Webgate offers robust support to partners in any vertical. Understanding the unique requirements in each environment, Webgate provides appropriate solutions and supports optimized installation design and product setup.



Meet Webgate at Intersec Dubai 2023


You can meet Webgate at Intersec Dubai 2023, where the company will highlight its 'Intelligent Fire Detection CCTV Solution,' developed and optimized with expertise from various installation sites for many years. Visitors can experience the solution's major features and integration with other equipment at the Webgate booth to better understand how it works at various installation sites. Webgate will also showcase its premium IP solutions, such as NDAA-compliant 4K PoE NVR and Network AI cameras equipped with high-performance Korean SoC. While presenting its stellar technology, top-notch service, and innovative R&D at Intersec Dubai, the company aims to actively reach out to global customers in 2023. Leveraging its 26 years of experience in the field, the company is well-placed to understand the different pain points of customers worldwide and tailor offerings to meet each of them.



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