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   eDVR MD1600H (DVR)
 - 16ch Stand-alone DVR
 - 16ch real time recording
    ( Full D1, 480fps
 - Hot-swap ( SATA HDD )
- Full duplex audio input/output
- Various backup solution via
 - DVD Writer, USB, eSATA port availabl
 - Mass storage up to 32TB(RAID-5)

  HDC730 (Mega-Pixel Camera)

 - 30fps with MPEG-4.
- Sony Progressive CCD, 30 fps at
  1280 x 720p/22.5 frames at 1280 x 960p
 - Dual codec (MPEG-4 and JPEG)
 - Massive storage up to 32TB via NVR   (NVS04S) using Gigabit Ethernet.
 - Easy monitoring via IE browser
 - built-in video web server to control
     camera over the network.
 - WESP (WebGate SDK) is available for SI
    and project manager.

 Webeye SPD350M (PTZ Camera)

 - MPEG-4&Dual codec IP speed
   dome camera
- Multi steaming ( Full D1 60fps )
- IR Cut-filter Day/Night camera
- 35x optical zoom
- SNR noise reduction / PoE option

 Webeye B101M (Video Server)

 - Multi streaming &Dual codec (MPEG4, JPEG)
- Full D1(720X480) 30fps  2channel
- 4.5 MB size storage at website
 - Zoom, Preset feature is available for
   PTZ camera
 - Full duplex audio input/output
 - E-Mail, FTP works for Event(motion, sensor)

 WNS(WebGate Naming Sevice)

 - This service allows domain to Webeye  products which use static /dynamic IP.
 - Open webeyes are classified by categories.

 List of registered Webeye

- It register Webeye which use variable ADSL,   CABLEIP to WRS server cyclically and   variable searching method using model   name, serial number, title etc.