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Fever/Thermal Detection Camera Intelligent Fever Detection

  • 3rd Generation Face Recognition Fever Detection Solution Based on Deep Learning
  • The world's first stand-alone Fever-detection solution with HD-SDI (EX-SDI) method
  • ◈ [CAMERA] Thermal-T36.5-Coax ◈
  • Supports 30°C to 40°C thermal detection (THERMAL)
  • 1/2.8" 2.1MP Sony STARVIS Image Sensor
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Sensor
  • KOLAS Temperature Accuracy Certification
  • Internal IR LED : 30 pcs
  • ◈ [DVR] UHD202F-U-V2-T36.5 ◈
  • HD-SDI, EX-SDI image format support
  • HDMI output
  • Dedicated Control Center (VMS) free support




Deep-learning Embedded 3rd –Generation Fever Detection Camera
 - The 3rd generation solution with high quality image and deep-learning algorithm combined
 - Max up to 10 persons face detection and temperature measurement with high accuracy
 - Indicates the highest temperature of the face excluding unnecessary temperature of the object



Temperature correction technology that improves accuracy and reliability
 1) Auto Temp. Tracking (Patent Registration)
  - Automatically sets Normal (Pass) and Alarm (NG) temperature based on real-time learning temperature data from environmental condition
  - Reliable monitoring without complex alarm settings
  - Apply algorithm for minimizing time of stabilization from initial installation


 2) V-Black Body (Virtual Black Body)
  - Automatic correction on temperature deviations that could occur often because of environmental temperature changes and this can be achieved

   without help of separate black body device
  - Supports feature to maintain temperature accuracy of heat sensor


 3) FLIR’s heat sensor
  - Applying high performance sensor made by world leading company
  - Ultimate temperature resolvable feature compared to that of China products


 4) Accreditation of temperature accuracy by official organization(KOLAS)
  - Improved reliability of measured results by certifying accuracy through KOLAS


The Worlds first HD-SDI type Fever Detection Solution
 - Fever detection solution consisting of HD-SDI(Digital transmission standard) DVR and Thermal sensor embedded CCTV
 - Real-time monitoring for high quality image and temperature information via coaxial cables without any compression




Easy-to-use and installation for the beginners (PnP & Easy GUI)
 - Simple installation and configuration that ends with cabling and entering power without complex network setup
 - Easy GUI for easy and simple use by anyone (temperature setting, notice board, alarm pop-up, buzzer and etc.)





Stand-Alone type Fever Detection Solution
 - Displays temperature on real video image for monitoring and screening control of abnormalities at the same time

  * Max resolution for heat detection : 1,240×930 (about 1.1mega pixel)
 - Supports search feature of infected person through recorded data
 - Simple stand-alone type without need of complex configuration and installation configuring with PC, Software and black body





 - High-quality, competitive products developed and produced by specialized company with more than 20 years in this field
 - Professional A/S and CS teams to respond quickly to various requirements and issues at the site


Features specialized for heat detection
 1) One click upgrade
  - Simple version manage and upgrade via USB memory without any PC

 2) Saving and retrieving measurement data
  - Search and check for entering or leaving abnormalities with abnormal alarm temperature
  - One click to check the enter or leave history of abnormalities
  - Measurement temperature saved as DB and statistics feature (TBD)

 3) Scalability and compatibility
  - Real-time monitoring and push alarm via remote PC and smartphone
  - Abnormality check and corrective action through push alarm
  - Configured with other solution and additional development through API supports


 4) Setting the measurement range
  - Setting the measurement range according to environment and purpose of installation site

 5) Manual temperature correction feature
  - Temperature correction feature according to temperature deviation (in ± 0.1℃ )

 6) Other features
  - Audio alarm setting : User-specified audio files plays when alarm occurs
  - Notice board : User-specified banner can be applied and displayed to use it as a guidance
  - Pass / Fail alarm : Intuitive display of measured result as status bar colors (Pass: Green / Fail: Red)
  - Access control interlock : User-defined alarm scenario via I/O ports
  - QR/Barcode reader : Interlocking QR/Barcode system for management of access list (TBD)


    * This product is intended for same purpose as thermal imaging cameras used in public faci l i t ies like airport and etc and can facilitate thermal quarantine and screening by non-contact detection of unspecified amount of heat.
    * This product is not a medical device so it is not to be used to determine whether it is disease or not. If needed, please take accurate temperature measurement through medical devices.