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NVR UHN6400-H16S

  • 64ch real-time recording & playback simultaneously
  • 320Mbps recording bandwidth
  • Max. 4K UHD input / output(HDMI)
  • Max. 3 monitor output / Spot monitor feature
  • Support ONVIF Profile S
  • Support H.264, H.264+(*to-be) Dual Codec
  • Support 10TB HDD, 16 internal SATA HDDs, 1 eSATA(*to-be)
  • Max. 128TB(SATA, eSATA), 256TB(UHS04R) recording capacity
  • Support Hotswap
  • Removable front panel structure
  • Support Camera auto detection and simple registration (Add Camera Wizard)
  • Integrated with specialized solutions (Alarm bell, Home Network, etc.)
  • Support wire-wireless USB keyboard connection
  • Support Remote DVR (Remote DVR/NVR control)
  • Industry-first HTML5 Web viewer

Support the latest version of standard ONVIF protocol, which makes it compatible with 3rd party’s software and system.
Complete compatibility test with more than 100 models from 40 manufacturers around the world. Support free integration for new models.


Support 4M QHD (2x greater than Full-HD) and 4KUHD (4x greater than Full-HD) recording.
Provide the best resolution image through 4K UHD(HDMI) output to 4K monitor.


Hotswap NVR can open the front panel to add or replace HDD. Quick action for trouble shooting by adding or replacing HDD without shutting down the system.


Support HDD 16bay
Max. 16 internal SATA HDDs provide sufficient storage capacity and efficient data management.
Support external storage (UHS04R) to expand storage capacity up to 256TB and to configure RAID function.


Remote DVR Full control of remote DVR/NVR -Patent Application
Share DVR/NVR’s main output on PC and real-time remote control from DVR/NVR’s OSD menu on PC.


Free VMS
Provide Central Monitoring Software (Control Center)for free, supporting Max. 1,024 NVRs with various and great functions.